How Life Changes When You Live Authentically

I was out for a walk earlier today. It’s a bright, beautiful day here on Long Island. The sky is a rich blue and the white fluffy clouds that I love so much are lazily floating across the sky. As I do every day, I took time to savor my surroundings and the stunning beauty that this world has to offer. I looked up and admired those clouds both for how they look and for the view the have. I’m a little jealous. I took note of how different the world looks through a good, quality pair of sunglasses.

The blues are bluer and the whites, whiter. The view becomes even more 3-dimensional from behind the lens. And somehow, clarity is sharpened to an eagle-like level. Maybe it’s because I’ve worn eyeglasses since I was four years old but my vision is completely changed when I wear those sunglasses.

As I walked with the warm sun on my back, it struck me that in the same way sunglasses can change and enhance ones view of their surroundings, so too can living authentically change and enhance ones view of life.

Authentic living requires that you spend time doing things that make you happy, that make you feel fulfilled. It requests that you showcase your natural talents and strengths to add value to your life and the lives of others. By definition, it means living in a way that is true to your existence. And by nature, its outcome equals a harmonious existence.

When you live a life true to who and what you are supposed to be, circumstances change. Your mindset will change. Magic happens. Closed turns to open. Impossible blossoms into possible. Excuses become a memory. Procrastination propels to action. Fear, yeah it’s still there. But it doesn’t grab you and pull you back. It doesn’t keep you frozen and stagnant. Instead, you acknowledge it and move past it. Because you know without a doubt that you’ll kick its ass if it wants to go a round with you. And it knows it too.

We get one chance at this life. One chance to live how we want. Once chance to show our children and our loved ones the fierce courage we have inside. Once chance to model the lessons we want to instill in them. One chance. That’s it. So if you’re letting your thoughts and view dictate your limits, if you’re letting fear win, if you’re making excuses as to why something is just not possible, put on those sunglasses, believe in the possibilities and chase your dreams! Because once you do, you’ll see the world in a way that you never have before. I promise.