I am a proud father and husband- the two most important “jobs” I will ever hold in life. Not a day goes by that I do not realize how blessed I am. I aspire to be a better man and a better role model every day because of the love and support of my family.

 I have had a love affair with cheeseburgers since I was a little boy. At the tender age of 5, after my grandmother passed, I asked my mom if there were cheeseburgers in heaven. Apparently there are, though I hope it is a very long time before I find out.

I am well aware of the power of words, for good and otherwise. The quote "It's never too late to be what you might have been", from 19th century author George Eliot (real name Mary Ann Evans) is more than just a quote to me. It's something that reached deep down into my soul and tugged at it, stirring up all of the sediment and fear that held me back for too long. The moment I read the quote, engraved on a bookmark that I happened upon in a quaint gift shop in Salem, MA, I knew those words would mean something far more than I could ever imagine. It's not just a quote, it is a lifestyle. It is hope. Motivation. Change. Purpose.

I am a writer and for many years I worked hard at letting fear keep me from pursuing that childhood dream. You probably know the self-defeating thoughts that we’ve heard from our inner critic or from society-“Only one in a million people are successful authors. You’re not good enough.” or “Do you know how hard it is to make a living as a writer?” Most of us are conditioned from a tender age to seek a safe life, to perceive failure and rejection as a bad thing, to take a "regular job. Just like everyone else. We’re encouraged to quell the voice of our dreams by people who only have the best of intentions. I let my dreams down for more years than I care to count. Not anymore. I'm in my forties now and you know what? I'm just getting started. I'm getting better every day. Because it's never too late to be what I might have been.

I have always been a dreamer and I’ve spent a lot of time daydreaming and hoping with all of my might that my dreams would come true. But that’s not how it works. Chasing and catching a dream requires focus, discipline and work. It requires behavioral change- if what you have been doing all along has not worked, it's time to try something new. That is where I might be able to help. The focus of this blog, my coaching and my eBook " Your Life Vision" is dedicated to helping you catch and live your dreams no matter your age or place in life. If you are looking for an easy way to achieve your dream life, this content is not going to be of value to you. If you are willing to put in some effort to reach your goals, if you are excited about what could be and if you will allow yourself to believe just a little, please sign up for my blog posts and exclusive content. We'll take the ride together. It's never too late to be what you might have been.

I know very well what it is like to live in debt, to live paycheck to paycheck. And I know what it is like to be well paid. Guess which way of living is better? If you are tired of the same old, then it is time for a change. "Your Life Vision" applies very specific techniques to help you gain clarity, focus and discipline. You'll use Cognitive Behavioral, journaling, meditation, self- reflection and visualization. It is the most comprehensive guide I have seen and it is the only multi-sensory guide I have seen. I specifically designed it to engage your senses because I understand that different people learn in different ways. There is no one size fits all approach. Using varying methods energizes different parts of the brain and stirs up different emotions, beliefs and memories from deep within. Uncovering and releasing these treasures is critical in gaining clarity and direction. With clarity and direction, plans can be created and executed. Think about it. People plan for weddings, retirement, vacations- but how many people actually plan for the life they want to live?

It is my goal to help, my honor to serve. I’ve been coaching people for a long time and have been a coach for a world renowned Training and Development organization. I take pride in being able to coach the best out of people. Wherever you are in life, there is no reason why you cannot do what you love for a living. “It is never too late to be what you might have been”.

Best wishes and much success to you,

-Mike DiLeone