Which Life Do You Want to Live?

In Theatre, actors read their lines from a script. Each word they speak is written by someone else. Sure, they may have a little wiggle room to improvise if they forget a word or if the situation calls for it. But for the most part they have a script that they must follow.

In real life- we have the ability to write our own script. Too often, we let our mistakes, the difficulties faced and the labels assigned us by others navigate our course and define our attitude and actions. When that happens, we don’t live the life we want. Much like the actor, we follow the script that others write. We may try to improvise here and there but for the most part, we live a life less than what we truly desire.

In Theatre, we go to enjoy and be entertained. There are minimal or no distractions for the duration. You watch the scenes unfold, one by one, admiring the talent and level of effort that went into bringing it all together. You get caught in a dream like world, which is the essence of theatre.

In real life, you want to be entertained and enjoy, but find yourself dodging distractions on an everyday basis. It’s easy to watch life pass you by. You know deep down that you have great talent but the thought of putting in the effort to extract it is daunting. It’s easier to enter a dream like world, hoping that one day things will go your way, fantasizing about the life of freedom that you deeply desire. Dreaming, imagining, hoping without taking action, that is the essence of fantasy.

In theatre, when the curtains drop, the show is over. You stand and clap and cheer, then get in your car and drive home. Or maybe you go out for dinner and drinks, where you talk about how wonderful (or awful) the show was. You might even make plans to go see another in the near future. The actors may do the same. They can take themselves out of character and return to their normal self. They can audition for another part that they want to play, then can reinvent themselves all over again on another stage when the next show starts.

In real life, when the coffin closes, the show is over. People stand up and cry. At your funeral. Then they get in their car and drive home. Or maybe go out for dinner and drinks, where they talk about what a wonderful (or awful) person you were. You won’t ever make plans. Again. At least not on this earth and not in your earthly body. You don’t get another chance to audition for another life. You don't get another single day. You can’t reinvent yourself- that chance passed and you opted not to take it. You willingly opted not to take it.

How do you want to live your life- by your past? By how others define you? By the obstacles you’ve faced? Or are you ready to redefine yourself, starting right now? In real life, you don’t get another chance at another character to play but you do get the chance to write your own script. You have the power to choose which life you want to live; that of a spectator. Or that of a creator.